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Acting Mayor's Message 13 August 2019

The Railton Squash Centre & Halls Special Committee of Council held their AGM recently.  Congratulations and thanks to Stephen Rand for continuing in the role of Chairman and to other office bearers.  This small but strong committee not only look after the Railton Squash Centre but also the Kings Hall and Railton Recreation & Community Centre.  Their planning for the Railton Christmas party is in full swing and I am sure it will be another great success this year.  A big thank you to a really good committee that work very well together.

The first Lions Music Hall last Sunday played to a packed house. The Lions report that tickets have been selling quickly for the remaining shows since the Sheffield Visitor Centre opened yesterday.

It is good to see the Eason Chan mural back in Mural Park.  Thankfully the installation of video surveillance cameras has been effective in preventing further vandalism here and also in Goliath Park in Railton.  After many years of vandal free existence it is sad to see that we are having trouble now.  I have had many discussions with mainland visitors while walking around Mural Park, and they are always amazed that the murals are not covered in graffiti.  I hope we are not catching up with the mainland in this aspect.

Council has been corresponding with the State Government about the walking tracks on the Badgers.  The tracks are all on State Government land but cross private land in one short section and we have been seeking to have the track shifted off the private land.  DPIPWE and STT (Forestry) have now moved a step closer with an offer to fund the track diversion in return for Council taking on the maintenance.  Hmmm.  We are continuing to work with the State Government on a final agreement.

Don Thwaites, ACTING MAYOR

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