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 Mayor Don Thwaites

Mayor's Message 25 July 2017

Council is keen to be able to communicate with ratepayers electronically so we need to add contact details to our existing database of residents.  Being able to contact you by email or SMS will allow us to contact you quickly which may be very useful in an emergency.  To get started we have included in the rates notice the offer of a small cash prize as encouragement to share your mobile phone number and email address with us. 

Local business Fudge ‘n Good Coffee is a finalist in the national Telstra Business Awards, with the award presentations happening tonight.  Getting to this point is a great achievement in itself.  We wish them the very best of luck.

Many Councillors will be attending the Local Government Association of Tasmania meetings and conference over the next few days.  Kentish has a motion seeking support for changes to the National Partnership Agreement to bring back natural disaster mitigation program funding.  This would see Federal, State and Local Government contribute equally towards improving community disaster resilience by funding programs such as the Railton Flood Mitigation Plan. 

Council has also generated much public discussion with our motion to the LGAT meeting to lobby the State Government to remove the law restricting a Council from conducting an Elector Poll on the issue of adding Fluoride to our water.  The discussion has been very polarised and unfortunately has resulted in anyone uncertain or questioning of the benefits of fluoride addition being labelled as part of the anti-vaccination, anti-science and flat earth society.  I am pleased that the issue has entered public debate but can we please act like grown-ups.  Keep it civil.  And keep to the science.

Don Thwaites, Mayor

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