Animal Control


Dogs are great companion and working animals, but owning one means you have particular responsibilities, both to your pet and also to the general public.

To ensure dogs are not a nuisance to the community and other animals, owners are required to make sure that they comply with Councils policies and the Dog Control Act 2000 (an up to date copy of the Dog Control Act 2000 can be obtained from

You can read Council's Dog Management Policy 20-7-2010(340 kb) here.

 Animals in Emergencies - Pet Pal program 




Kentish dog registration fees for 2017-18

Dog Registration Fees 2017-18

Dog Registration Fees 2017-18(76 kb)

Dog registration Form for 2017-18

Dog Registration Form 2017-18(411 kb)



Kennel Licencing

The Dog Control Act requires that:


  • A person who wishes to keep more than two dogs (or in case of working dogs more than 4 dogs) on any premises must hold a kennel licence issued by 
  • the General Manager for the municipality in which the dogs are to be kept.
  • A Notice of Intention(155 kb) must be placed in a daily local newspaper. 
  • The advertisement shall be similar to that shown on the form. 
  • An Application for a Kennel Licence(198 kb) must be lodged along with the appropriate fee at the Kentish Council or a Service 
    Tasmanian shop.
  • Council’s Environmental Health Officer or Animal Control Officer may undertake an inspection of the property.
  • A Kennel Licence may be issued with conditions and is for a set number and breed of dogs.  
  • Licences are required to be renewed annually.  

for more information download the Kennel Licence Information Sheet(198 kb).


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