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Rental cars on gravel roads

Advice to visitors...

The Kentish region has a number of gravel road, many of which provide access to some of our most popular torist accommodation and sight-seeing locations.

Visitors are advised that many car hire businesses no longer prohibit the driving of their vehicles on unsealed roads. Travel is usually permitted on formed or ‘gazetted’ roads regardless of whether it's bitumen or gravel however some companies may charge an extra cover.


The best advice is for the hirer to check the contract before hiring a vehicle as hire conditions vary from company to company. As an example here is an extract from a vehicle hire company’s contract:

We aren't saying that you can't travel on unsealed roads, just that they're much riskier than sealed roads. So, if you can't avoid unsealed roads, slow right down and take extreme care. (A higher non-reducible liability applies if there's any loss/damage/accidents on an unsealed road).

If the hirer is in doubt, they should contact their vehicle hire company.


As always... drive to the conditions and arrive safely!







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