Change of Use of Residence

Change of Use of a Residence to Visitor Accommodation

Information on what is required to rent or let your residence out for short term visitor accommodation within the Kentish municipality.

This information is being provided to assist property owners who may be considering a short-term letting or rent option, such as Airbnb.

Advertising the availability of your property represents a change of use requiring a planning permit.

Planning Approval

Planning approval is required for all change of uses of residences to visitor accommodation under the Kentish Interim Planning Scheme 2013.  Depending on the zoning of your land and compliance with the provisions of the relevant scheme, where not prohibited the application will be either a permitted (Section 58(2) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993) or discretionary (Section 57(1) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993).

What do you need to provide?

  • A completed planning application form,
  • A basic floor plan of the residence to scale,
  • A brief description of the proposed accommodation including whether it is proposed that the whole of or only part of the residence is to be used,
  • A plan of existing parking arrangements to scale
  • A copy of the Certificate of Title, Survey Plan and Schedule of Easements (if any, for the property.

How much does it cost?

The planning application assessment fees are:

  • $500.00 if a permitted use in the zone; and
  • $800.00 if a discretionary use in the zone.

A discretionary application requires advertising for a period of two weeks, during which Council is able to receive representations in regard to the proposal.  At the end of this time Council undertakes an assessment of the merits of the proposal and any representations received and determines whether to approve or refuse the application.

Relevant Planning Provisions

Under the Kentish Interim Planning Scheme 2013 visitor accommodation is a permitted use in the General Residential, Rural Living, Environmental Living and Village Zones if for guest accommodation for not more than 16 persons.

Contact Us

Council wants to assist you.  For a change of use of an existing residence to visitor accommodation outside the listed residential zones or any other queries about your operation please contact the Council’s planner for more information on 03 6491 0200 or email

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