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Proposed Pump Track

The Wild Mersey Mountain Bike trails project is progressing with construction of a link trail between Railton and the existing tracks in the Warrawee Reserve in Latrobe and a 4 kilometre loop adjacent Goliath Park in Railton. These are expected to be opened during May 2019.

As part of this project it has been proposed to construct a bike “pump track” at the existing BMX track in Goliath Park.  Pump tracks are great for young riders to develop skills. Because these tracks are constructed with a hard surface they are great for mountain bikes, BMX bikes, scooters and skateboards. There’s even Pump Track World Championship races that take place throughout the world! To see what a pump track looks like, visit

Community comment is welcomed on this proposal. Information is available on the Council website and printed information will be located at the Kentish Council offices. Comment is requested by close of business on Friday 29 March.


Pump Track Poster(345 kb)

Pump Track Proposal(219 kb)



Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trails

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Master Plan

The Kentish Mountain Bike Master Plan provides an agreed vision for mountain bike trails in The Badgers range, between Sheffield and Railton. It forms a significant part of a larger project that includes a smaller trail cluster at Warrawee Reserve near Latrobe, and overland link trails that link the two trail clusters, plus link them to Latrobe township and potentially to Devonport. 

The Master Plan has been developed by a consultant joint partnership comprising international tourism consultancy TRC Tourism, and leading global mountain bike and walking trail designer World Trail, and once complete will provide many benefits to the Kentish community. 

A copy of the Master Plan can be downloaded at the following link. Kentish Mountain Bike Master Plan(10362 kb)

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