Getting ready for Wild Mersey

Work has commenced in the $4.1 million Wild Mersey Mountain Bike project which will ultimately connect Latrobe, Railton and Sheffield with over 100 kilometres of world-class cycling and walking trails.

Joint project owners, Kentish and Latrobe Councils held a ‘turning of the sod’ event for the multi-year development on 14 September, with the first 15 kilometres of trails to be ready to ride by the end of December and a further 17 kilometres by May 2019.

The variety of trails have been designed to cater to both mountain bike enthusiasts and families looking to experience the Tasmanian wilderness. Exact alignment of the trails is being determined during construction depending on local conditions and approvals, based on a trail plan available on the Ride Wild Mersey website.
Construction which will be built in part by Next Level Mountain Bike Pty Ltd and by TrailScapes Pty Ltd with some trails to be developed by local volunteers.

Follow the progress of Wild Mersey construction on Facebook at or via the website.

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