Clubs and organisations are invited to make an application to Council for financial assistance under Council’s 2018/19 Community Grant Scheme – Round 1.

All clubs/organisations located in the Kentish Municipality or who have substantial membership from Kentish and who offer benefits to the people of Kentish are eligible to apply.  Guidelines and application forms are available from the Council Office, Website or by telephoning Aleasha at the Council Office.  Applications must be made on the form provided and close on Sunday, 30 September, 2018.

PLEASE NOTE that late applications may not receive consideration.  All applications submitted must have accompanying club/organisation financials and quotes.  Any club or organisation that has received a community grant in the last two financial years must return the acquittal/evaluation form before the application for 2018-19 can be considered.  This is the first of two rounds of applications for this financial year.

Community Grant Application Form Round 1 2018/2019(191 kb)

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