Kentish Council Approves Budget

On Tuesday 19th June 2018, Kentish Council adopted its budget and rates for 2018/19 including a modest increase in general rates revenue of 2% to cover increasing costs.

Council has retained a 2% rate increase cap for most ratepayers to limit the immediate impact of the 2017/18 property valuation adjustments.

Mayor Thwaites said “The rate increase is modest considering that after the Federal Government's three-year freeze of Financial Assistance Grants, Council now receives an estimated $320,000 per annum less than the pre-freeze levels of grants.  This is equivalent to around 6 per cent of rates.” 

The expected operating result for 2018/19 is a surplus of $918,000 with a budgeted underlying surplus of $330,000. 

Mayor Thwaites said “This budget contains a number of new projects but also projects carried over from the previous financial year, with headline projects being the Sheffield eastern town entry streetscape upgrade, the Wild Mersey mountain bike trails and trailhead facilities and the Sheffield Recreation Ground change room facilities redevelopment”.

The total capital works program will be $7.41 million, including $2.92 million for projects carried over from 2017/18.  Some of the planned new projects are;

  • progressing upgraded access to Lorinna (total project cost not expected to exceed $1.3 million)
  • construct the first stage of the Wilmot streetscape project ($150,000)
  • complete extension and redevelopment of the change room facilities at the Sheffield Recreation Ground (total expected project cost $757,000)
  • construction of trailhead facilities for the Wild Mersey mountain bike trails at Sheffield Recreation Precinct ($170,000)
  • refurbishment of the Kentish Visitor Information Centre ($38,000)
  • concept planning and architectural design for redevelopment of the Sheffield Senior Citizens Building ($40,000).
  • construction of stage 1 of the Wild Mersey Mountain Bike Trail in Kentish ($522,580) in addition to $280,000 carried forward from 2017/18

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