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Mount Roland in summer

Mt Roland in Summer


Cradle Coast Shared Services Report released

Over two decades, local councils in the Cradle Coast region have been collaborating in various forms. During this period the Cradle Coast Councils have established a wide range of sharing arrangements in response to specific resource needs and efficiency opportunities. This level of collaboration has arguably increased and became more open in the past two years as evidenced by the current Kentish & Latrobe shared services arrangements. This report was commissioned by the Cradle Coast Authority to review current levels of resource and/or service sharing among Cradle Coast Councils, and to explore opportunities for greater strategic resource sharing/shared services.

Sheffield Christmas Parade road closures 15 December

To allow community celebrations for the Sheffield Christmas Parade, Council has approved the following temporary street closure: Main Street, Sheffield between Henry Street and Hope Lane, affecting side streets will be closed to traffic from 5:45 pm to 7:15 pm on Friday 15th December, 2017.

Kentish Public Bus Service Timetable

Mersey Link provides a public bus service between Sheffield, Latrobe and Devonport 6 days of the week.


Flood Recovery Information

Use this link to the Flood recovery Facebook page 

Emergency Information 



Kentish Council offices are open Monday to Friday from 8:00am until 4:30pm.

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